Retro FAVs

The years 2003-2006 feature Alex Fedorov's early work when his ground-breaking tasteful art nude photos were helping to establish such famous websites as Domai, Body in Mind, MPL Studios, and FemJoy.















Zelda: Little Elf

34 photos


Olga: X-Rated X-Mas

49 photos


Miriam: Cool Blonde

53 photos


3 Fates II

40 photos


Ina: In the Sand

43 photos


The 3 Fates

28 photos


Helga: Before the Bath

37 photos


Nikki: Picture Perfect

46 photos


Yelena: Lady in Red

33 photos


Maryana: The Phoenix

69 photos


Eva: Off The Wall

57 photos


Nikki: Willowy Woman

44 photos


Carla: Spanish Villa

26 photos


Ruby: In Her Tub

50 photos


Zelda: Cabin Fever

49 photos


Ellie: The Nude Postcard

74 photos


Henriette: Black Magic

47 photos


Zara: Tree Hugger

46 photos


Olga: Red Russian

57 photos


Zofia: Beached Girl

60 photos


Kira: Red Cedars

62 photos


Nikki: Daisy Girl

33 photos


Heidi: Underground Beauty

60 photos


Zelda: The Blue Scarf

52 photos


Misha: Bed of Roses

39 photos


Gretel: A Fairy Tale

52 photos


Vivika: Pretty in Pink

50 photos


Ellie: Bed of Green

55 photos


Marina: Tree Nymph

40 photos


Ruby in Blue

39 photos


Maryana: Flower Bed

48 photos


Nikki: Pirate's Prize II

49 photos


Kira: The Sand Nymph

50 photos


Zelda: The Blue Scarf

24 photos


Ruby: Burning Down The House

52 photos


Andine: Sitting Pretty

36 photos


Nikki: A Pirate's Prize

47 photos


Anastasja: A Beauty in Bloom

40 photos


Natasha The Amazon

30 photos


Melissa: Turning Up the Heat

40 photos


A Rose Without Thorns

49 photos


Misha in the Mirror

35 photos


Anna's New Car

54 photos


Ruby Welcomes Summer

43 photos


Sultry Sabine

38 photos


Ruby's Coffee Break

36 photos


Eva drives us crazy

39 photos


Nikki's Bathroom Break

30 photos


See-thru Sonya

59 photos


Red Valentina

58 photos


Candida's Shadows

65 photos


Mariya's Room

67 photos


Leda in the window

65 photos


Rose's Poses

51 photos


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Dear Mr. Fedorov,

I just subscribed to your site yesterday, and I am very pleased with what I have seen there. I especially like the raven-haired girl, Ruby, who features in many of your photo sets. What a beautiful woman! I look forward to seeing more of her, and of the other lovely models as well. My thanks to you for a splendid website. Keep up the good work.

"When I discovered the work of Alex Feodorov, I was stunned by the quality of his photography as well as the beauty of the models that posed for him. Alex Feodorov is one of the best photographers on the web and I am really impressed by the images he keeps producing and sharing with the world. On behalf of the art and beauty lovers I thank Alex Feodorov and hope he will continue to create images that help raising the standards of artistic nude photography."
Philippe Baud, ArtisticNudeGirls.com
"Alexander Feodorov was one of the first photographers I found for DOMAI who understood the 'simple nudes' concept, and who is professional enough to also make excellent pictures with it. And his best work is even Art at the same time, which is not easy to do."
Eolake Stobblehouse, DOMAI.com
"If raw, naked beauty is what you're after - then the nudes of Alexander Feodorov are what you want. He is one of the most exciting and creative talents to hit the scene in recent years. And his girls are so unbelievably beautiful, so exquisitely perfect, that in his capable and daring hands they morph into true goddesses, each oozing a powerful sexual energy that is wholly original and totally captivating. I've thought several times of selling everything I own and moving to Russia, just so that I could be his towel boy, carry his equipment, do anything, just to bask in their naked radiance."
Jack Gilbert, michelle7.com

All models depicted were over 18 and of legal age when photographed for this site. All images © Alexander Fedorov.