Retro FAVs

The years 2003-2006 feature Alex Fedorov's early work when his ground-breaking tasteful art nude photos were helping to establish such famous websites as Domai, Body in Mind, MPL Studios, and FemJoy.


















Aida: Flower

55 photos


Kamilla: Christmas time

128 photos


Ruby: Azure

34 photos


Heidi & Lika: Etude

79 photos


Girl with snake

32 photos


Ruby & Nikki: Nymphs

38 photos


Heidi: Water fun

74 photos


Anna & Ianna: The flowers

106 photos


Vika & Zelda: On the nature

87 photos


Ianna: Dry twig

43 photos


Mariya: Last autumn days

68 photos


Olga: My flowers

40 photos


Heidi: Simply girl

64 photos


Lika & Olga: Spree

73 photos


Lika: Abandoned town

74 photos


Lika: Red wings

55 photos


Alena: Old arch

37 photos


Uli: The Hunter

53 photos


Mia: Magic glasses 2

68 photos


Hilda: In sepia

18 photos

Olga: White

22 photos


Ruby and stones

56 photos


Tais: Autumn tints

48 photos


Zara: Around swamp

44 photos


Gloria: Poses

43 photos


Lana: With fan

83 photos


Gloria: Lilac etude

78 photos


Yelena: Tulips

42 photos


Mellisa: Magic cap

50 photos


Heidi: Around water

71 photos


Hilda: Relax on sand

63 photos


Ianna: Play in grass

39 photos


Mari: Girl on stones

88 photos


Helga: Pose in ruins

65 photos


Mariya: Around old house

22 photos


Anna: With flute

51 photos


Arina: Marine dream

77 photos


Ianna: Pine-tree

45 photos


Mariya: Berth

53 photos


Anna: Big fender

77 photos


Ianna: Hot sand

124 photos


Mia: Magic glasses

85 photos


Irena: Old iron

64 photos


Alena: Archway

100 photos


Daria: fire-escape

97 photos


Uli: Sand rock

102 photos


Darina: Behind the door

39 photos


Ellie: Old stairs

47 photos


Ina: On sandbank

44 photos


Ruby: The pool

50 photos


Zelda: Rummer of water

68 photos


Mariana: On blue

57 photos


Ellie: Lily Pads

36 photos


Kira: Orange

44 photos


Lika: Candles

54 photos


Sarah: In focus

48 photos


Anna: In the light

39 photos


Ruby: With flowers

75 photos


Lika: Juicy apple

58 photos


Ellie: Melting snow

58 photos


Eva: Old Tree

55 photos


Zelda: Orange

70 photos


Kira & Nikki: On the Beach

55 photos


Olga: Modern Girl

58 photos


Kira : In the doorway

64 photos


Hilda : My lovely roses

98 photos


Ellie & Lika : Reflections

44 photos


Nikki: Old Ship

86 photos


Heidi & Zelda: Loving glance

39 photos


Ruby: Yellow etude

45 photos


Zelda: Roof walk

48 photos


Tais: Sunlight

29 photos


Leda: On Sofa

59 photos


Marina: Under Cloth

40 photos


Sarah: Winter Tale

32 photos


Mellisa: Exotic Flower

55 photos


Helga: Lovely Heart

75 photos


Laska: White Dream

50 photos


Ruby: On Snow

17 photos


Nikki: Green Grass

46 photos


Hilda's Valentine

53 photos


Olga: Good Clean Fun

67 photos


Ellie: Hot Sand 2

22 photos


Zelda: Blue Cushion

46 photos


Kira: Stripping in the Rain

46 photos


Ruby: On the Piano

40 photos


Nikki: Simply Red

47 photos


Ellie: Hot Sand

51 photos


Kira: Brick House

65 photos


Olga: Mermaid

50 photos


Ladies of the Lake

42 photos


Gretl: Sandy Shore

46 photos


The Bride Stripped Bare

81 photos


Ruby: On the Waterfront

65 photos


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Dear Mr. Fedorov,

I just subscribed to your site yesterday, and I am very pleased with what I have seen there. I especially like the raven-haired girl, Ruby, who features in many of your photo sets. What a beautiful woman! I look forward to seeing more of her, and of the other lovely models as well. My thanks to you for a splendid website. Keep up the good work.

"When I discovered the work of Alex Feodorov, I was stunned by the quality of his photography as well as the beauty of the models that posed for him. Alex Feodorov is one of the best photographers on the web and I am really impressed by the images he keeps producing and sharing with the world. On behalf of the art and beauty lovers I thank Alex Feodorov and hope he will continue to create images that help raising the standards of artistic nude photography."
Philippe Baud, ArtisticNudeGirls.com
"Alexander Feodorov was one of the first photographers I found for DOMAI who understood the 'simple nudes' concept, and who is professional enough to also make excellent pictures with it. And his best work is even Art at the same time, which is not easy to do."
Eolake Stobblehouse, DOMAI.com
"If raw, naked beauty is what you're after - then the nudes of Alexander Feodorov are what you want. He is one of the most exciting and creative talents to hit the scene in recent years. And his girls are so unbelievably beautiful, so exquisitely perfect, that in his capable and daring hands they morph into true goddesses, each oozing a powerful sexual energy that is wholly original and totally captivating. I've thought several times of selling everything I own and moving to Russia, just so that I could be his towel boy, carry his equipment, do anything, just to bask in their naked radiance."
Jack Gilbert, michelle7.com

All models depicted were over 18 and of legal age when photographed for this site. All images © Alexander Fedorov.